4 Ways A Carport Can Provide Protection For Your Car

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4 Ways A Carport Can Provide Protection For Your Car

30 June 2017
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Having an undercover space to store your car is a highly desirable feature in a home. A garage is the most popular option but it's also an expensive project to complete. For a more cost-effective option, a carport is an ideal compromise. Here are four benefits to installing a carport on your property:

1. Protection from the sun

If you live in a region that experiences hot summer weather, then you'll understand how unpleasant it is getting into a car that's been sitting in the heat of the midday sun. A carport will significantly reduce the internal temperature of your car by reflecting a large amount of solar energy.

A carport can protect your car from the sun even in cooler regions or during winter. UV rays from the sun can age and discolour your car's paintwork and interior features whatever the season or temperature.

2. Protection from frost

In regions that experience low winter temperatures, it's very common for unsheltered cars to develop an icy covering on the windows after a cold night. Removing it is a time consuming, but necessary task in order to have safe visibility while driving.  

A carport will provide enough shelter to prevent these icy build-ups from occurring. This will save you precious time and will also reduce the cost of fuel needed to get your car warmed up on a cold morning.

3. Protection from storm damage

One of the most common causes of damage to parked cars is falling trees and tree limbs during storms. Hail is another factor that can wreak havoc on your car's glass, bonnet and door panels. A carport will significantly reduce the likelihood of damage to your car occurring during a storm. It may also reduce your insurance premiums, which are generally lower when a car is regularly parked in a safe, covered environment.

4. Protection from flora and fauna

Cars that are stored in the open are commonly exposed to droppings from wildlife and debris from trees and plants. These things can make your car dirty and dusty, and they can also cause damage to the paintwork and glass. Droppings from bats and certain bird varieties can be corrosive and very difficult to remove. The natural oils from many native tree leaves can also permanently stain your car's paint.

A carport provides your car with protection from many environmental sources, keeping it safe, clean and in great condition. Contact your local carport contractor to find out which style of carport is the best option for your home.