Basics of Hiring Construction Equipment That Will Save You Time and Money

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Basics of Hiring Construction Equipment That Will Save You Time and Money

29 July 2017
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Hiring heavy construction equipment is the best option if you are thinking of commencing a short-term project like building a new shed beside your main house. From saving cost to accessing state of the art machines, the advantages of renting construction equipment cannot be overstated for small projects. However, you have to understand the basics of rental equipment before you decide to take this route. The fundamentals will ensure that your project does not suffer schedule and cost overruns.

Ascertain Availability – Normally, dealers will not stock every possible type of construction equipment in their stores. Other than being expensive, heavy construction equipment takes up a lot of space; therefore, most dealers opt to stock machines that are in demand during a particular period. Before you visit a dealer, even if they are your local rental dealership, make sure that they have the inventory of the equipment you want to hire. You do not want a situation where you visit a dealership shop only to be told that the machine wants is not available.

Gauge Customer Service -- When it comes to equipment hire, customer service is everything. While it is possible to get client support over the phone, some situations call for physical appearance. After confirming availability of a machine from a dealer, most people will plan for delivery on the phone. Remote customer service is convenient, but you risk not being able to gauge the seller's level of customer support. Therefore, you should go to a dealer's premises and engage them directly to get an accurate assessment of customer support. Excellent customer service will come in handy when you encounter challenges with equipment; therefore, you do not want to take any chances with the level or response.

Get Help – As indicated earlier, buying heavy construction equipment is capital intensive and does not make sense for a one-time project. On the other hand, although not as expensive as buying, renting it is not cheap. Therefore, you need to plan when you want to build your shed. Pooling resources together with a couple of neighbors, relatives, or friends could be a great relief since you would share the cost of hiring. You just have to make sure that your project schedules coincide to avoid paying more because of a prolonged hiring period. Talk to friends and neighbors and find out whether, and when, any of them is thinking of doing some construction work on their property.

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