What to Look for in an Excavation Contractor

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What to Look for in an Excavation Contractor

17 August 2017
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Whenever you need to dig a basement, demolish a building or move rock, debris or other materials on your property, you will need an excavation contractor. Excavation contractors specialise in removing materials from clients' property and are the right people to call for this task. Attempting to do the job yourself is potentially hazardous and should not be attempted. Many people are understandably nervous at the prospect of hiring an excavation contractor, having never needed to think much about that type of job in the past. Here are some of the key questions you will want to ask any excavation contractors you are thinking about hiring to make sure you job will be completed successfully to the standard you expect.

Do they hold all relevant licenses?

It may be a basic question, but you can't afford to ignore it. Excavation can be dangerous, and you must hire a contractor who has their paperwork in order. Look for contractors who can prove that they comply with the legal standards. Professional excavation contractors should be happy to demonstrate they are fully licensed and insured. This protects both them and you as their client.

Do they have the right equipment?

Not all excavation work is the same, and there is a variety of equipment that may be suitable for different jobs. Not every contractor has access to every type of equipment. If you want to be happy with the final outcome of your job, it will need to be completed with the right equipment. Make sure your chosen contractor has access to all the equipment they will need throughout the period of the job.

How much experience do they have?

It's always good to look for experienced excavation contractors, but sometimes the number of years they have been in business is not as important as the type of work they normally do. Look for an excavation contractor who is familiar with the type of job you have. Ask for references from past clients who have been happy with their work, and make sure that they have done similar jobs in the past.

What's the price?

Price is always going to be a consideration, but it shouldn't be the deciding factor. It is worth obtaining quotes from several excavation contractors before settling on one contractor. Consider every aspect of the service the contractor is offering. Look for a contractor who offers the right mix of experience, equipment and value for money to complete your job successfully and stay within your budget.