Work Procedures That Will Provide Excellent Results When You're Repainting Your Metal Roof

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Work Procedures That Will Provide Excellent Results When You're Repainting Your Metal Roof

21 August 2017
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When compared to the more conventional roofing options like wood, asphalt, and concrete, metal roofing generally ranks higher. In Australia, metal roofing is particularly popular for its strength, durability, lightweight construction, minimal upkeep, and excellent shedding of rain and snow, and many more benefits.

Like many other roof types, metal roofing comes in a range of finishes. One of those finishes is paint finish. While painted metal roofs don't require much upkeep, aside from an occasional cleaning to keep them looking like new, a fresh coat of paint is usually — even more occasionally — required to restore the initial functionality and aesthetics of the roofs. The good news is that metal roof repainting is a DIYer-friendly home improvement job that can be properly carried out by virtually any determined home owner.

Keep reading on below to find out how you can repaint a previously painted metal roof just like an expert.

Do the prep work

Set things in motion by preparing your roof surface for the paint job. Roof preparation involves thoroughly cleaning the roof to rid of any dirt such as dust, bird droppings, mould and mildew that may have accumulated on the roof over time. Power washing with a pressure washer and gentle detergent solution is a simple, quick and effective method of cleaning your roof.

As common sense would require, you should begin the power washing process from the topmost part of the roof to help in carrying away the loose dirt and debris. A clean roof surface is critical to ensuring that liquid paint adheres well when it is time for application.

Choose the right paint

When choosing paint for your paint job, you should be aware that not all paint products are created equal. The best course of action is to check the paint selection instructions provided by your roof manufacturer. If you are still unsure about what type of paint you should use, then you can contact your roof manufacturer for proper guidance.

Apply a primer

It is a no-brainer that rust is the worst enemy of metal roofs. To help prevent rust attacks, you should apply a primer over your roof surface before you can do the paint job. Aside from rustproofing your roof, the primer also helps make the paint bond better during application.

Paint your roof

Applying fresh liquid paint on your roof may seem like an easy job, but there is a lot of potential for error if you are not experienced at performing the job. You can use a paint brush, roller, spray gun, or a combination of any of these tools to paint your roof. Having a paint brush is always critical because it can be used to paint areas that a roller can't reach.

As a general rule, you should apply at least two coats of paint onto your metal roof, leaving the paint to dry well after each application. This will ensure your roof is adequately protected from the elements and the right colour is achieved.

With these metal roof painting tips, you will most likely achieve near-professional results.