From Rakes to Spoons: 5 Surprising Items That Can Help Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

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From Rakes to Spoons: 5 Surprising Items That Can Help Keep Your Carpet Looking Great

31 August 2017
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Keeping your carpet looking new is challenging but extremely rewarding. Diligence about vacuuming, spot cleaning and professional cleaning is essential, but there are other things you should do as well. Wondering what items can help keep your carpet looking nice? Take a look at this list of essentials—some of these items may surprise you.

1. Vacuum Filters

Using a vacuum on its own is simply not enough if you truly want a clean carpet. Rather, you need to ensure that you have vacuum filters as well. The filters absorb the small particles of debris from your carpet such as dust and allergens.

All quality vacuums come with filters, but you have to remember to remove and clean the filters on a regular basis. Occasionally, you may need new filters.

2. Curtains

Window treatments may seem like they have nothing to do with carpets, but in fact, they can have a direct effect on the condition of your carpet. The sun's harsh UV rays can cause carpet and other textiles in your home to become faded. If you want your carpet to look like new, you need to keep the curtains closed during the hottest parts of the day.

3. Plastic Mats

The carpet in high traffic areas tends to get dirty and beaten down. To protect it, you may want to put plastic mats in these areas. They can help to keep off grime, and when you want to show off your carpets for a special occasion, you can simply remove them.

4. Carpet Rake

If you've just taken a plastic mat off a high traffic area or just want to breathe some new life into your carpets, a carpet rake can help. This tool does not clean your carpet. Rather, it separates and lifts the carpet fibres. That helps to make the carpet look healthy and new again.

You can also use a carpet rake, sometimes called a carpet groomer, to remove footprints from the carpet.

5. Ice Cubes and Spoons

For small areas of matted carpet, these two items can be surprisingly useful. If you have moved a piece of furniture and you want to get the carpet to stand back up, set an ice cube on it. After it melts, run a spoon against the carpet fibres. The combination of the water and the friction will help the carpet to stand back up and look fluffy again.

For more carpet cleaning hacks or for help, contact a professional carpet cleaning company.