Why you need land surveyors for your new building project

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Why you need land surveyors for your new building project

24 October 2017
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If you are building a property you will need to hire a surveyor before you can think of beginning construction. One of the biggest problems that immediately faces those unfamiliar with surveyors is working out exactly what type of surveyor they need. There is a big difference between a building surveyor who manages the permits and related legal issues, a quantity surveyor who maintains the inventory of costs and materials, and the surveyors that you will require for your new build construction.

What do land surveyors do?

If you are surveying a piece of property with a view to building on it you will need to seek the services of some land surveyors. Land surveyors will help you to establish the boundaries of the property and identify where the building will be located within the property. They will measure and mark out each of the boundaries and conduct a thorough investigation of the site to ensure that any building takes place exactly where it should. These investigations are vital to ensure that you avoid any legal issues once the building is completed.

How do land surveyors work?

Your chosen land surveyors will produce a detailed report showing all the relevant topographical data on your site. They will probably need to use a theodolite to measure the horizontal and vertical planes on the site in an accurate way. You will be able to use this report produced by the land surveyor to support any applications that you make for building permits relating to the site.

What else might the surveyor do?

Once the survey is completed the process of site staking (or setting out) can be begun. This is sometimes undertaken by the land surveyor but more frequently it is completed by your builder in consultation with the land surveyor. Site staking involves marking out the boundaries of the property, this is an important stage as it ensures that the property that is constructed on the site will perfectly match the design in the original building plan.

Getting your land survey right will keep your building project on track and avoid potential legal problems relating to the build later on. If you have any concerns it is important that you talk to your land surveyors and explain your concerns at the start. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action and to help prepare a survey for you that covers all the required elements to allow you to get your project moving.