Finding the best shed for your farm

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Finding the best shed for your farm

23 February 2018
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Your farm just wouldn't be a farm without its sheds. From machinery sheds to barns and storage sheds, your sheds provide a place to work, to shelter animals and store your valuable assets.

If you're in the market for a new farm shed you'll want as much functionality as possible while remaining on budget and, with a wide range of sheds on the market, you're sure to find just the thing. Your new shed can also improve the look and value of your property, with colours and designs to suit the look, feel and value of every farm.

Here are a few of the leading types of farm sheds on the market.

  • Hay and fodder sheds. Designed with high, gabled roofs and open or partially enclosed sides, these sheds provide easy access and plenty of storage space.

  • Grain sheds. Allowing you to easily transport and store your grain, protecting it from dust, grain sheds are available in a wide range of sizes.

  • Dairy and shearing sheds. Sheds designed for animal care offer a robust, covered site at which to tend your stock. They can be designed to suit your particular terrain and wind conditions, and even offer customisable options for doors and points of access.

  • Skillion roofed sheds. Featuring a large, open-fronted design and sloping roof, skillion sheds serve as the perfect buildings to house machinery requiring easy access. A skillion design is an economical option with good drainage that easily abuts existing buildings when used as an annex and, with plenty of roof space, they can also easily accommodate upgrades such as solar panels.

  • Open front sheds. With wide open bays and sturdy construction, open sheds are vital in protecting your tractors, trucks, harvesting gear, tools and livestock. Open front sheds can be tailored to your requirements, with the addition of two or three walls, and if you need extra height clearance, consider an open gable end design.

  • Barns. The pièce de résistance of all farm sheds, barns are highly customisable and can be used as stables, machinery storage, workshops or even as liveable homes. With never ending customisation options - from the number of bays to the number of stories you need - barns are a true asset on any farm.

Farm sheds have come a long way since many farms were built, providing customisable construction and advanced features like heating and expanded ease of access across the full spectrum of sizes and designs - and just because they're functional doesn't mean they can't look great too. So do a little digging and soon you'll find the best shed for your farm You'll be amazed by the possibilities.