Is Your Garage Door Opening By Itself?

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Is Your Garage Door Opening By Itself?

23 March 2018
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If your garage has a connecting door to the main house, it can be scary to imagine the door opening by itself. When this happens during the night or when nobody is around, the garage door can expose your house to risk. For this reason, it may be worth inspecting your door regularly to ensure that it does not have this problem.

However, if it does, you can quickly identify the cause, get it fixed immediately and improve the security of your home. Here are some of the primary reasons why your garage door is opening itself and the measures you can take to rectify the problem.

A short circuit in the electrical system

Your garage door's electrical system is responsible for activating the door when you use the opener. It triggers the mechanical parts to open and close the door when you operate it. If there is an electrical short in the system, it can cause the door to behave erratically. For example, a short circuit may cause the door to assume a signal has been given. As a result, the door will open with no one operating it. You can fix this problem by identifying the affected circuit and replacing the components. However, due to the many electrical parts in the internal parts of the door, you need an expert to pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

A recent power surge

Has there been a recent power surge in your neighbourhood? If so, it will affect the electrical systems in your home, including the garage door. Unfortunately, unlike home appliances that can be protected with a surge protector, the garage door does not come with such protective features. A surge may affect the transmitter wiring in the door and cause it to open randomly. If you suspect that there was a power surge, reset the door opener to fix the problem. If this doesn't work, you may need new transmitter wiring.

Interference from other devices

When you press your door remote, it sends a frequency to the sensor so that the door can be opened automatically. If there are other nearby devices such as your TV, radio or another device that sends out a frequency, it can confuse the sensor. The frequency sent out by the device will activate the sensor and cause the door to open without you using the remote. To fix this problem, you may have to invest in a new remote to get rid of frequency issues.

Contact a garage door repairs expert for professional inspection and tune-ups so that they can accurately identify and fix any problems with your door.