Why End-of-Lease Cleaning Is Not a DIY Job

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Why End-of-Lease Cleaning Is Not a DIY Job

9 April 2018
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If you live in a rental unit, whether that's an apartment or a house, you may need to thoroughly clean the unit when your lease is up so that you don't risk losing a cleaning deposit. It's easy to think that this type of work is a DIY job, but you might note why it's often best to have a professional cleaner or a cleaning company manage this task for you and why hiring someone who specializes in end-of-lease cleaning can even save you money in the long run!

What you might miss

During your regular daily or weekly cleaning routine, you might not always clean the areas and items that a landlord will check once you've vacated the space. This might include inside cupboard drawers, baseboards, heating vents, light switches, light fixtures and the inside of the windows. Even if you miss just one area that a landlord checks, this can mean losing at least some of your deposit! Rely on an expert who knows what to clean, and who is more likely to do a thorough job, than risk overlooking something.

The right cleaning tools

If you've never done a thorough and deep clean of all the surfaces in a home, you might not know the right tools and equipment to use on the inside of appliances and cupboards, certain flooring tiles and painted surfaces. Using the wrong tools, chemicals, cleansers and so on can mean doing damage to these surfaces, even leaving behind gouges or scuff marks! If you don't damage surfaces, you might just waste time with ineffective tools and cleansers that don't actually clean. A professional will know what to use and how to use it, so surfaces will be cleaned quickly and easily, and nothing will be damaged.


Giving an apartment or home a thorough and deep clean may take more time than you realize and may be more physical labour than you're prepared to manage. By the time you scrub the bathroom surfaces, wash the inside of the windows and clean out the kitchen appliances, you may be exhausted, and you may even suffer from some muscle aches and stiffness. You might get so tired that you can't even finish the job! Professionals will know how to make quick work of this task, as said, and will usually work in pairs or even have an entire team on hand, so the job will be done thoroughly and you won't need to worry about exhausting yourself.