7 Interesting Things You Can Do With Timber Trusses

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7 Interesting Things You Can Do With Timber Trusses

2 July 2018
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Exposed timber trusses add a beautiful look to any home or commercial space, and there are all kinds of designs, including scissor, hip cathedral, gable and bow barrel. In addition to choosing from one of these designs, you may want to make your exposed timber trusses interesting. Take a look at these ideas.

1. Nautical Inspired Design

Consider creating a nautical theme in your space by putting up timber trusses that look like the inside of a boat's hull. If your building is already standing, you can do this by putting in decorative trusses. Otherwise, you need to design the building so that the roof looks like an inverted ship.

2. Exposed Metal

Typically, you need some hardware to hold timber trusses together. You can put in the hardware so that it's discreet, but instead, you may want to put in exposed metal elements. The metal combines with the timber truss to create a fun, industrial-type vibe.

3. Wall Beams

The timber doesn't just have to be restricted to your ceiling. You can also put the same type of timber around your windows or down your walls. This creates a look of continuity. You may want to use light coloured timber so that you don't weigh the space down with too many dark colours.

However, depending on the vibe you're trying to create, dark shades of timber can also work, and you can soften them with light coloured paint in between the wood.

4. Semi-Circles

Consider choosing a timber roof truss that has a semi circle in the middle of the design. This can be integrated into a variety of different truss shapes. It looks especially nice if you have semi circular windows at either end of your room.

5. Different Shapes

Rather than just choosing a single design for your timber trusses, consider choosing multiple designs. You can have one design near the edges and other designs in the middle. Alternatively, you can alternate different designs.

6. Skylights

Skylights in the areas between your timber roof trusses can also add an element of fun to your design. Consider putting in small skylights or ones that stretch the length of the tresses. This adds style as well as function because it helps you reduce electricity bills.

7. Dormer Windows

In lieu of skylights, put some dormer windows in the wall. A quality designer can help you integrate trusses and dormer windows in a way that looks interesting. If the dormers are at right angles to the main roof trusses, they'll create a lot of visual intrigue.