Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Aluminium Louvres

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Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Aluminium Louvres

15 January 2019
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Aluminium louvre windows consist of metal blades, either horizontal or vertical, which can be easily adjusted to keep the blades either closed or open at any angle. What are the advantages of having this kind of window?


Louvre windows allow you to control the gaps between the blades, thereby controlling the amount of light and air that can enter the property. When they are fully open, there is so much space that it is almost as if the louvres aren't there, but they can also be fully closed to keep your property in the shade. You can choose any level in between.


Locked aluminium shutters also provide an effective deterrent against burglars and intruders. Aluminium is very strong, and any criminal would need power tools to cut through them, which would be very noisy and time-consuming. It is more likely that they would look for an easier property to enter.


Aluminium shutters can also withstand heavy objects being thrown against them in strong winds, so they are often installed specifically as a defence against the weather. Even if they pick up the occasional dent, they will continue to provide protection for your home no matter what the wind is doing outside.


Unlike timber shutters, powder-coated aluminium will not rot and will not have to be re-treated to protect it from the elements (although you may want to paint them for aesthetic reasons, in which case they should need to be re-painted for many years). They should also not be prone to rust and should last for many years without maintenance.


Aluminium is a lightweight material that should not place too great a strain on the fixings, so you should not have to worry about whether they will damage your walls or even detach themselves altogether in a storm. The fact that they are lightweight also makes them relatively easy to install.


Aluminium shutters provide a contemporary look that may not be suitable for all properties, but if you have a modern house and are looking for a stylish facade, aluminium shutters could be the solution.

It is always worth thinking carefully about what sort of exterior you want for your property, both in terms of attractiveness and security. If you want a long-lasting solution which will deter unwanted visitors whilst projecting a contemporary attractive look, aluminium louvres are certainly an option you should consider.