Reasons to Hire a Professional HVAC Contractor for Your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

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Reasons to Hire a Professional HVAC Contractor for Your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

28 May 2019
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The primary purpose of commercial HVAC system installation is to control the temperatures and humidity inside your facility or business premises. This is essential for maintaining ambient conditions for work and keeping equipment and machinery running efficiently. The working environment, especially in a commercial setup, affects staff productivity, and in some cases, reduces business liability. 

Given the large scale of commercial air conditioning systems, attempts at DIY increases the risks of a bad buy. Contact a commercial HVAC contractor for the best results. They will assure you of the following.

Correct Sizing 

Proper sizing of equipment is important when selecting a commercial HVAC system. While this may be easier for residential units, the variables for commercial systems are much different. The major variables include:

  • Business location
  • Number of staff
  • Number and nature of equipment and machinery used
  • Business premises design

Getting the wrong size unit will affect the efficiency of the unit, thermal performance, cost of operation and system lifespan. Professional HVAC contractors undertake various calculations to determine the best AC size for your commercial building.

Liability Coverage

When dealing with a number of people, such as in a business setting, indemnity from liability is key. Lawsuits abound where people sue businesses for occupational health issues associated with poor air conditioning.

Commercial HVAC contractors are insured. The standard coverage includes general liability insurance and commercial liability insurance. These coverages help to indemnify you from liability associated with installation, repairs and maintenance. 

Since commercial units are large, the risks of injury are more than in a residential setting. Thus, pursuing a covered contractor offers peace of mind.

Minimmal Cost of Operation

If not properly installed, commercial ACs can increase utility bills significantly, especially for large commercial settings. The cost escalates if you have running machinery and heat-emitting equipment. 

A professional contractor has the latest industry news on efficient models, sizing and running costs. The initial acquisition of the right fit saves on running costs such as maintenance and repair. In addition, reputable contractors offer discounted running, maintenance or repair due to the scale of the system. 

Most importantly, engaging a professional ensures attendance in emergency situations, therefore giving you peace of mind.

The scale of commercial systems escalates risks that emanate from getting the wrong system. A wrong acquisition can have costly implications for your business. The HVAC system should be the last thing you worry about when you have a business to run. Contact a reputable HVAC contractor for initial sizing, installation, repair and maintenance of your commercial AC system.