Your Ultimate Guide to Land Survey Costs

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Your Ultimate Guide to Land Survey Costs

29 October 2019
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Land surveying is important for a range of reasons. Whether you're buying a new home or land, fencing your property or wanting to prove to your mortgage lenders that the property you want them to finance is compliant with the zoning laws, a land survey will give you certified evidence of the legal boundaries of that property. However, depending on the size of the property or the type of survey required, land surveying can be quite costly. As such, you may want to know how much you're likely to spend on the exercise before you look for a land surveyor. This guide will help you budget well for your upcoming land survey project.

Size and Shape of Your Property Is a Key Cost Determinant

Generally, you will spend more the larger your property is. Also, if your property has irregular borders as opposed to square or rectangular borders, you will spend more. That's because irregular borders will make it more complex for the land surveyors to draw the boundary lines.

Terrain Also Plays a Significant Role in Cost Calculations

Terrain also determines how easy it will be to survey the land. Just like square and rectangular borders, flat and even terrain with minimal vegetation will make it a lot easier to identify boundaries. On the other hand, mountainous, uneven land with a lot of vegetative material such as trees and shrubberies can make it quite hard for land surveyors to easily access the land and identify the boundaries. For such properties, you may consider removing the vegetation first before land surveying begins to make it easier for the surveyors to locate the boundaries and possibly charge you less.

Evidence of Previous Surveys Will Come in Handy

Records of previous surveys done on the property will act as a guide to the land surveyors, which will make their work easier. You can check with the records office of your local council to identify any previous surveys done. Land surveyors can also use a range of field evidence of previous surveys such as monuments, fences, stones or even trees. Therefore, be careful when removing what you would consider obstacles on the property.

Proximity to the Land Surveyor's Office Is Also Essential

How far is your land from the land surveyor's office? You will pay more the farther your property is because many land surveyors include travel expenses in their quotes. Therefore, consider hiring local land surveyors.

For more information, contact land surveyors in your area.