Scaffolding Features You Should Look For In An Industrial Service Provider

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Scaffolding Features You Should Look For In An Industrial Service Provider

9 June 2020
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Industrial structures are getting bigger, more complex and taller in the contemporary world. Therefore, contractors must rely on the expertise of scaffolding service providers to implement sophisticated construction projects. It is counterproductive to hire a scaffolding company that uses outdated techniques, which cannot meet the current requirements of working at height. This article highlights the basic models you should look for in an industrial service provider.

Modular Ring System 

Industrial construction projects require extensive and complex scaffolding. However, industrial-size scaffolding takes a long time to assemble and disassemble mainly because it relies on a legacy clamping system. The mechanism increases the delivery time of projects and affects workers' productivity. However, the modular ring system has completely changed the scaffolding field due to its multi-directional design. It features a ring around the braces, thereby making it easier to lock the braces and runners in record time. Additionally, the modular ring system reduces the number of components required in industrial scaffolding. Besides, the design makes the scaffolding lighter, easier, and less costly to transport.

Smart Scaffold Inspector 

Mobile technology has become pervasive, and its use in the construction industry cannot be ignored. It is no wonder scaffolding service providers do not want to be left behind and are leveraging the benefits of mobile technology. One area that scaffolding services are using mobile technology is in the inspection. Traditionally, a contractor had to inspect scaffolding every day, prepare a report, and send it to a service provider. In other instances, a scaffolding company needs to send an inspector to inspect the scaffolding physically. While both approaches work, they are inconveniencing and time-consuming. Scaffold inspections via smartphones have made things much easier for both contractors and scaffolding service providers. All a contractor has to do is take pictures of various parts of scaffolding and send it to a service provider via an online platform. It allows a scaffolding inspector to provide feedback in real-time, thereby enhancing worker safety and productivity.

Advanced Guardrail System 

Industrial constructions are becoming massive and more complex, which means that the safety of workers must be given priority. It is precisely what an advanced guardrail system offers. Unlike the traditional scaffolding guardrail system, an advanced guardrail system features two handles on each post. A simple turn of a handle opens a clamping device that allows for secure repositioning of a guardrail from any direction. Moreover, an advanced guardrail system provides for faster erection and dismantling of guardrails.

For more information, reach out to an industrial scaffolding service in your area.