Have you considered the value of project monitoring?

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Have you considered the value of project monitoring?

26 January 2021
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Few building projects can be completed by an individual or even by a single team. Most projects rely on a large number of skilled professionals coming together, with each team having a separate but vital part to play in the successful completion of the project. This is especially true when it comes to large infrastructure or civil works where only effective project monitoring can ensure that every team completes their work to the expected specifications and can ensure everyone comes together to finish the project properly. Perhaps the biggest problem with civil works is that they often have multiple stakeholders who all want to have their concerns addressed at every stage of the project — the result can be a complicated completion schedule that must be followed exactly to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Why project monitoring matters

If you are building on private land, then the construction schedule and many of the specifications are often a private matter for the landowner to address. If you are building civil works, then often there are government agencies, private companies, and members of the public who will all be impacted by the building work and the finished construction. Project monitoring will make certain that each stage of the building work takes place as expected so that everyone knows how they can plan to minimise the disruption to their interests and so that the team working on the next stage know when they need to be ready to act. Effective project monitoring will also make certain that not only are all civil works completed on time but that the work is completed to the desired standard. Monitoring will include looking at the materials and the building techniques used to make certain that the resulting structure will have the expected strength and longevity to withstand the intended load. It will help to identify any faults during the building process that might not be picked up by a visual inspection so that they can be corrected at an early stage.

Ongoing monitoring

With civil works, the construction phase is not the only time that monitoring can be of assistance. As civil works age, they will need regular monitoring to make certain that they remain safe for everyone to use. Working with an established civil engineering company is the best way to make certain that your civil works are built correctly and that the structures remain safe for as long as they are in use.

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