What Are Some Types of Water Pumps You Can Have Installed at Your Home?

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What Are Some Types of Water Pumps You Can Have Installed at Your Home?

22 November 2021
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There are entire businesses out there that specialize in making, selling, and installing water pumps. Right now, you could benefit from installing one or more water pumps on your property. Water pumps can be used for different purposes on residential properties and elsewhere. For example, these are some of the different types of water pumps that you might want to have installed at your own home.

Pool Pumps

If you have a swimming pool, then you might be aware of the fact that your swimming pool uses a water pump for things like pumping the water through your filtration system. If you have a brand new swimming pool, then you will need to have a pump installed for the first time. If you've been having problems with your swimming pool's existing water pump, then you may need to replace it with a newer, more powerful, and more reliable water pump.

Well Water Pumps

Many homeowners rely on their municipal providers for the water that their family drinks and uses, but some homeowners decide to install water wells instead. This is sometimes the only option, such as for those who live in rural areas. Even if you do have the option to hook up to your local water supply, you may want to have your own well so that you can avoid expensive water bills and restrictive water use limits. You may even want to use well water that has not been chemically treated since you might be worried about health and safety. Regardless of why you've decided to use a water well on your property, you're going to need a water well pump to use along with it.

Irrigation Pumps

Setting up an irrigation system on your property is a good way to water your lawn and garden. For your irrigation system to work effectively, it will need to be hooked up to a water pump. Once you invest in a water pump and irrigation system, you can take good care of your lawn without having to do all of your watering by hand.

Fire Protection System Pumps

You might have decided to install a sprinkler system inside your home, since you may want to do what you can to be prepared for potential emergencies. Many home fire protection systems use small water pumps. Make sure you use a sufficient water pump with your fire sprinkler system if you want it to be effective.

These are a few examples of some of the most common water pump types that are used for residential purposes. To learn more, contact companies that supply or install products like Davey water pumps.