Top Signs You Should Consider Sea Transport vs. Air Transport

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Top Signs You Should Consider Sea Transport vs. Air Transport

27 July 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you need to be able to ship products from one place to another for business purposes, you might be interested in learning about some of the different methods that you can use for shipping your products. You might have always thought about using air transport, and it's true that air transport can be an effective shipping method for many products. It's not your only option for shipping, though. Sea transport is the better choice for some companies and could be the better choice for yours, too, if any or all of the following points are true.

Your Items Can't Be Shipped By Air Freight

Many items are shipped by air, but there are some items that simply cannot be shipped in this manner. Explosives, gases, flammables, dry ice, and a variety of other items cannot be shipped by air, for example. If you're trying to ship internationally, being unable to ship some of your items by air might seem as if it's putting you in a tough position. You might even think it will be impossible for you to ship your items internationally at all if you aren't able to use air transport. However, sea transport is often a good option for these types of items.

Your Items Are Valuable

When shipping items by air in the past, you might have had trouble with items being lost or damaged. This can be a big issue if you're shipping valuable items. You might find that shipping by sea is the better choice when shipping high-value items because there is less of a chance of your items being damaged. 

You Ship Big Loads at One Time

Generally, you are not able to put as many products on an airplane as you can put on a large cargo ship. If you want to have the option to ship big loads at one time, sea transport could be your best bet.

You've Been Hoping to Reduce Shipping Costs

Shipping by air can be incredibly expensive, and if this is the shipping method you've been using, there is a good chance that you can reduce costs by quite a lot. Just check into a quote for sea transport, and you're likely to find that it's much more affordable.

You're Looking for a More Environmentally Friendly Shipping Method

You might like shipping products all over the world for customers to enjoy, but you could be worried about just how much all of your international shipping impacts the environment. In many cases, shipping by sea is the more environmentally friendly option for shipping items.

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