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Thanks for checking out my blog! My name's Olivia, and I'll be sharing my advice about construction and contractors here. When my husband and I first decided to move in together, we didn't fall in love with any of the homes on the market so we decided to build our own. We learned a lot about construction and contractors during that time, but our journey wasn't over yet. Over the years, we've had multiple changes made to our custom home, including extensions to accommodate new babies, adaptations for in-laws moving in and even an outbuilding studio for my son's music production endeavours. As you can imagine, I've had to do a lot of research on home building over the years, and now I'd love to pass that advice on to anyone else who needs it. Look around—I'm sure you'll find something useful.


Three Benefits of Hiring a Professional Steel Fixing Company

17 March 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Steel fixing is an essential construction process that involves placing and securing steel reinforcement bars in concrete structures. The method of steel fixing is critical for ensuring the structure's stability, strength, and safety. Hiring a professional steel fixing company can provide numerous benefits for a construction project. Here are a few ways your construction project can benefit from working with a steel fixing company. Expertise and Experience   Steel fixing is a highly specialized task that requires expertise and experience. Read More …