Why Hire a Master Painter With Enviropainter Training?

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Why Hire a Master Painter With Enviropainter Training?

26 June 2019
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Hiring a master painter gives you certain guarantees. Painters who are part of this network commit to meeting a range of ethical standards; they are experienced, they are qualified and they follow professional practices. Some master painters also take on specialist training that you may find useful. For example, some have taken the association's Enviropainter course. What does this training involve and what are its benefits to you?

What Is Enviropainter Training?

Master painters who undertake this training course are committed to learning about good environmental practices in their trade. They learn about the impacts that painting has on the environment and how to minimise these negative effects.

So, for example, these painters learn about sustainable painting principles. They are taught how to identify and use materials that are renewable or reusable. They also learn how to do their jobs with minimum waste.

Why Hire a Painter With Sustainable Training?

If you care about the environment, then you may already do whatever you can to minimise any negative impact you might have as individuals and as a household. Hiring a painter who uses traditional paints, materials and methods won't necessarily help you do this. However, hiring a master painter who has had Enviropainter training helps ensure that the decorating jobs you're having done are kept as eco-friendly as possible. Your painter works to make a job green and sustainable from the planning stages of the project to its completion.

So, your painter will ensure that the paints and other products that are used on your project are environmentally friendly and energy efficient wherever possible. For example, they may recommend greener paints that contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs release toxic gases which aren't great for the air quality in and around your home or for your local ecosystem. Switching to using water-based solvent paints that contain fewer of these substances may be a greener alternative.

Or, your master painter may recommend using carbon-friendly paints. These paints reflect heat, which may help your home become even more energy efficient.  

Your master painter will also work to make sure that they reduce wastage on their painting jobs. They will only use as much water as they need when they work. They also plan their paint consumption to avoid wasting paint that may need to be disposed of at the end of the job.

To find out more, contact a master painter and tell them what you're interested in.