Benefits Of Metal Roofing For Your New Home

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Benefits Of Metal Roofing For Your New Home

15 July 2019
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The roof is one of the most important parts of any structure, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures inside and adding to its aesthetics. So you need to consider the best material for your climate and landscape when planning your new home. Metal roofs are one popular option; here are some advantages. 

Durability And Resilience

The main job of a roof is to protect your home from the elements, so its durability and resilience are key. Steel is notoriously strong—providing the framework for highrises around the world—and is able to withstand gusty winds and harsh conditions. Modern steel roofing also undergoes various treatments and technologies that increase rust resistance and provide extra protection. 

The chromium content within stainless steel naturally guards against rusting, while galvanised steel has a zinc layer which shields the inner metal from moisture contact. Other popular types of roofing feature a layer of zinc and aluminium alloy (Zincalume Steel) and others have a coat of painted polyester for extra protection (Colorbond). With a metal roof, you won't have to worry about broken tiles caused by people walking on the roof. Also, fire-resistant steel is ideal for bushfire prone areas. 

Design Options

Metal roofs suit all kinds of homes, from contemporary to traditional, as well as Queenslander style homes. Polyester painted roofs are available in a beautiful range of muted shades, giving you the option to choose a colour to match your home and landscape. Many other architectural items use painted metal, such as garage doors and fencing, allowing you to mix and match details to create a polished look for the entire exterior. Additionally, smooth, waved sheets of steel create a beautiful aesthetic.

Suits All Climates

Metal roofing suits all different types of climates. Some forms are available in various grades, each of which suits specific air qualities and environments. Polyester painted steel also includes technology to reflect the sun's heat, which helps to maintain a home's coolness. When combined with insulation, metal roofing can also help to keep a building warm during winter. Because of the customisation options and varieties available, you should have no trouble finding a metal roof to suit your local climate and conditions. Steel also has a low thermal mass, which means it doesn't trap and store radiant heat from the sun and release it hours later (as concrete does). Instead, it quickly cools down once the sun goes down. This makes it particularly suitable for hot climates that rely on cooling night air. Your new home builders can advise on the best options for your local weather.