5 Ways a Leaky Roof May Harm Your Health

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5 Ways a Leaky Roof May Harm Your Health

17 October 2019
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Has your roof begun to leak recently? If so, you are probably worried about how that might affect your health. Although roof repairs aren't cheap, if you put off repairing your leaky roof you may end up paying a lot more in medical bills than you would have in roof repair bills.

A leaky roof can affect your health in several ways.

1. Water Damage Causes Fires

Are you sure that all of your wiring is insulated properly? If the water from a leak touches exposed wiring in your attic or upper floors, it could cause a short. Undetected, that short could then lead to a fire in your roof space. Such a risk isn't worth taking, especially during the spring when rainfall is heavier.

2. Water Can Soak Bare Wiring

Do you know exactly how deep the water has penetrated into your home's structure? If you have a leak, stay away from electrical wiring and junction boxes in your home; otherwise, you could be in for a nasty shock. If water encounters bare wiring, anyone that goes near it is at risk.

3. Leaks Weaken Structural Integrity

When you leave a leak for a prolonged period, the rafters, ceiling joists and wall framing of your roof and upper floor will eventually begin to rot. This damage will worsen if termites — attracted by the moist wood — join the party. In time, if you take no action to repair your leaky roof, parts of the ceiling may begin to sag and even collapse. Naturally, this is dangerous to you and your family.

4. Leaks Cause Mould

Mould thrives on moisture and humidity. Given time, mould will spread throughout your home, entering your air conditioning, wall spaces and ceiling space without your knowledge. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how healthy you are -- mould spores can still cause you to become ill.

Those that are allergic to mould will have trouble breathing and suffer from skin, eye and throat irritation among other symptoms. It's no wonder then that research has discovered a link between mould exposure and depression.

5. Water Causes Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Lastly, but by no means less dangerous, is the risk of slipping on water that has leaked through your damaged roof. Although this is one area that you might be better prepared for if you are actively staying vigilant, during a heavy storm a small flood or patch of water could take you by surprise, especially if it is combined with one of the above risks.

Is your roof leaking? Don't wait any longer -- the risks are too great. Call a professional roofing service today to discuss your options for repairs and roof restoration.