Bathroom Remodels: Are Linear Shower Drains Worth the Hype?

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Bathroom Remodels: Are Linear Shower Drains Worth the Hype?

3 December 2019
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Are you tired of the unsightly point drain that sticks out of your shower floor like a sore thumb? Or are you tired of dealing with clogs because your shower drain has no mechanism to prevent them? If so, you may be considering installing linear shower drains during your next bathroom remodelling project.

Over the past few years, linear shower drains have been presented as modern, sophisticated alternatives to the traditional point drains. But you may be wondering, "Are they worth the hype?" Keep reading to learn a few things you should expect if you choose to install a linear drain in your shower.

Endless Design Options

One benefit of linear drains is that they provide homeowners with endless design options. They come in two main styles: grated and tile insert. Grated ones have visible perforations through which the water drains, while the tile insert drains are fitted into the shower tiles for a sleek and smooth look. Whichever style you choose, you can design the drains any way you want for a personalised look.

Choice Of Tile Size

The traditional point drains come with one drawback: you can only use small tiles in your shower. If you install large tiles, the drain can be an eyesore in your bathroom, and it interferes with the design flow. However, with linear drains, you can say goodbye to tile size limitations. 

Linear drains are long and elongated, and you can place them anywhere in your shower. This allows you to use large tiles without interfering with the visual appeal of the bathroom. Also, tileable grates enable you to place a tile on top of the drain to create a seamless look that brings together the shower and the entire bathroom space.

Functional Add-On Features

Besides draining water, linear drains come with a variety of practical features as well. They come with water-tightness features to prevent the movement of water through the floor bed. They also prevent moisture from penetrating the walls and causing water damage. Other incredible features include leak protection and clog prevention. With these modern drains, you can say goodbye to most drainage mishaps in the shower.

Little Maintenance Necessary

How many times have you had to pour hot water into your drains to unclog them or deal with stagnant water in the shower as you wait for a plumber? With linear drains, you no longer have to endure these problems. The drains come with a debris basket that you can remove and clean regularly. The basket traps hair, soap and other debris before they find their way into your drainage and cause clogs.

As you can see, linear drains are a worthy upgrade from traditional point drains. Once you make your choice, contact a business such as Hydro Construction Products for more information.