6 Reasons to Opt for Precast Concrete Kerbs for Your Civil Construction Projects

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6 Reasons to Opt for Precast Concrete Kerbs for Your Civil Construction Projects

23 May 2022
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In most civil construction projects, concrete is one of the primary materials for building different structures. Generally, precast concrete is considered the ideal material for extensive construction projects like building roads. Ideally, precast concrete kerbs manufactured from an offsite plant offer numerous advantages to civil works contractors on road construction projects, including the six discussed below. 

Allows for Shorter Construction Timeframes

Most construction projects delay due to weather elements that negatively impact construction materials, including concrete. By casting concrete kerbs on the construction site, contractors waste more valuable time since each section demands individual casting. 

Furthermore, they must allow the cement to cure before using the kerbing. In turn, other essential construction tasks might experience delays. However, precast concrete kerbs are delivered in ready form, allowing the project to continue uninterrupted, saving more time. 

Offers Excellent Structural Strength Because of Pre-Stressed Materials

Precast concrete kerbing offers excellent structural integrity to handle heavier loads. During the pre-manufacturing process, these kerbs undergo extensive testing to comply with the strength, durability, safety and manufacturing quality required. 

Highly Cost-Efficient Than Other Conventional Methods 

Since precast concrete kerbs offer straightforward and faster installation, civil works contractors can save more labour time. Consequently, this means the project will enjoy more labour cost savings. Besides, minimal installation time means expedited project completion, significantly reducing the risk of project delays and potential penalties. 

More Augmented Consistency in Construction Quality

One common problem associated with designing concrete kerbing onsite is inconsistencies in quality. These inconsistencies in quality can compromise the overall structural integrity, aesthetic appeal and safety of the construction project. 

However, precast concrete promotes efficient monitoring of your kerbing type, length, temperature, concrete mix and curing process. You achieve higher consistency in quality and overall results with this precision and uniformity.  

Excellent Product Durability 

Another top advantage of precast concrete kerbs for your road construction project is their low maintenance and longer service life. Their inherent density contributes to their excellent durability. Additionally, the end product is strong enough to withstand potential corrosion, build-up of dust, heavy traffic and weather elements. Besides, their controlled curing process allows higher structural strength and kerbing consistency. 

Achieves Impressive Aesthetic Appeal 

Finally, precast concrete kerbs are uniform and immaculate in design, making them more attractive for civil works projects. Designed in a controlled environment, precast concrete kerbs allow you to achieve homogeneous colour, texture or form depending on your project requirements. Furthermore, you can also achieve consistency in size, shape and finish with precast concrete kerbing.