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Thanks for checking out my blog! My name's Olivia, and I'll be sharing my advice about construction and contractors here. When my husband and I first decided to move in together, we didn't fall in love with any of the homes on the market so we decided to build our own. We learned a lot about construction and contractors during that time, but our journey wasn't over yet. Over the years, we've had multiple changes made to our custom home, including extensions to accommodate new babies, adaptations for in-laws moving in and even an outbuilding studio for my son's music production endeavours. As you can imagine, I've had to do a lot of research on home building over the years, and now I'd love to pass that advice on to anyone else who needs it. Look around—I'm sure you'll find something useful.


Two crucial safety precautions to take when performing a demolition

21 August 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Demolishing a building can be a dangerous process. Here are two safety precautions those who provide demolition services must take when carrying out this type of work. Minimise dust inhalation The inhalation of any type of dust can result in lung irritation and can exacerbate a person's existing lung conditions (such as asthma, for example). However, the types of dust often generated by demolition work can be particularly harmful when inhaled. Read More …

What to Look for in an Excavation Contractor

17 August 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whenever you need to dig a basement, demolish a building or move rock, debris or other materials on your property, you will need an excavation contractor. Excavation contractors specialise in removing materials from clients' property and are the right people to call for this task. Attempting to do the job yourself is potentially hazardous and should not be attempted. Many people are understandably nervous at the prospect of hiring an excavation contractor, having never needed to think much about that type of job in the past. Read More …

Basics of Hiring Construction Equipment That Will Save You Time and Money

29 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Hiring heavy construction equipment is the best option if you are thinking of commencing a short-term project like building a new shed beside your main house. From saving cost to accessing state of the art machines, the advantages of renting construction equipment cannot be overstated for small projects. However, you have to understand the basics of rental equipment before you decide to take this route. The fundamentals will ensure that your project does not suffer schedule and cost overruns. Read More …

How to Select Energy Efficient HVAC Systems Using Consulting Engineers

28 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Consulting engineers can be of great help when you would like to construct an energy-efficient commercial building. This article discusses how consulting engineers can help you achieve that efficiency when they use a whole-system approach to design an HVAC system for you. System Comparison Consulting engineers often compare different HVAC systems, such as water chiller systems and rooftop AC unit systems. This is very different from someone who just compares different chillers in order to select the most energy-efficient one. Read More …

Natural Roof Insulation You May Not Have Considered

25 July 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Going green and using sustainable or recycled materials are becoming increasingly popular during home renovations and remodeling. One aspect of home remodeling and renovations that you may not have considered is your roofing insulation and upgrading it. Unfortunately, many people turn to fiberglass as the only or go-to option. The truth is there are several natural roof insulation options that are sustainable and provide as much and in some cases more, insulation than traditional options. Read More …