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Advice for Home Extensions, Additions and Adaptations

Thanks for checking out my blog! My name's Olivia, and I'll be sharing my advice about construction and contractors here. When my husband and I first decided to move in together, we didn't fall in love with any of the homes on the market so we decided to build our own. We learned a lot about construction and contractors during that time, but our journey wasn't over yet. Over the years, we've had multiple changes made to our custom home, including extensions to accommodate new babies, adaptations for in-laws moving in and even an outbuilding studio for my son's music production endeavours. As you can imagine, I've had to do a lot of research on home building over the years, and now I'd love to pass that advice on to anyone else who needs it. Look around—I'm sure you'll find something useful.


Why Hire a Master Painter With Enviropainter Training?

26 June 2019
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Hiring a master painter gives you certain guarantees. Painters who are part of this network commit to meeting a range of ethical standards; they are experienced, they are qualified and they follow professional practices. Some master painters also take on specialist training that you may find useful. For example, some have taken the association's Enviropainter course. What does this training involve and what are its benefits to you? What Is Enviropainter Training? Read More …

Reasons to Hire a Professional HVAC Contractor for Your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

28 May 2019
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The primary purpose of commercial HVAC system installation is to control the temperatures and humidity inside your facility or business premises. This is essential for maintaining ambient conditions for work and keeping equipment and machinery running efficiently. The working environment, especially in a commercial setup, affects staff productivity, and in some cases, reduces business liability.  Given the large scale of commercial air conditioning systems, attempts at DIY increases the risks of a bad buy. Read More …

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Painters

14 May 2019
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You can agree that you all like working and living in a beautiful environment. This means that the walls around you may require maintenance to retain a fresh look, which comes with a cost. Maintenance painting is a less costly option compared to other refurbishment alternatives. The visual appeal of your building can be easily enhanced by adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or interior of your property. Read More …

Important maintenance tips for septic systems in schools

24 April 2019
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Septic systems are used--mostly in homes and small businesses--to provide self-sufficient waste disposal. However, these systems are also useful in schools. When equipped with proper capacity, a septic tank system can provide stability, cost savings and efficiency over time. The key to optimal results is to properly maintain your septic system. You need to account for the usage that both children and staff members will exert on the septic tank, drainfield and drainage pipes. Read More …

Two tips for those who are performing major renovations on a dilapidated property

27 March 2019
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If you plan to carry out major renovation work on an old, dilapidated property, you may find the following tips to be quite helpful. Spend time drawing up the effluent disposal report If the property you will be working on features a septic system and neither the system itself nor the building has been maintained over the last few years, then it is quite likely that you will need to replace both the septic tank and the piping that connects it to the house. Read More …